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Hierboven ziet u een deel van de vierdaagseverzameling van Dhr. Richard Courtney. Gezien zijn vele vragen, (zie hieronder) hebben we hem reeds in contact gebracht met de KNBLO. Op de volgende pagina's de rest van zijn verzameling!

Collectie: Richard Courtney

Meer over 4daagse-medailles ziet en leest u op de website van Richard Pearson.

After participating in the Nijmegen Marches for the last 10 years I have started to collect historic items from the Nijmegen Vierdaagse. The problem I have is that I can't find anywhere that gives details of all the different anniversary medals & cijfers that were issued, and when the different designs of medals & cijfers were changed. Your website seems to be an excellent source of information, so I am hoping that you will be able to answer my detailed questions below, or give me the email address of someone who can answer the questions:-

1) I know that special medals were made to celebrate the 40th anniversary (NBvLO), 50th anniversary (KNBLO) and 60th anniversary (KNBLO). Were there any special medals made to celebrate any other anniversaries? If so, can you send me a picture of the other medals?

2) I know that special pin badges, that can be attached to the medal ribbon, were issued to walkers who participated in the 50th, 75th and 2006 (90th) events. I also know that a larger badge was made to celebrate the 80th anniversary event. Were there any special pin badges made to celebrate any other anniversaries or special events? If so, can you send me a picture of the other pin badges?

3) I know that everyone registering for the 90th anniversary event received a small rucksack.
Was anything special issued for the 70th anniversary event (anniversary medal, anniversary pin badge, etc.)?

4) I know that in 1958 the NBvLO was re-named the KNBLO, and all the walking medals had the letters changed. What year was the first 40 year walking medal issued? Were any 40 year walking medals issued with the NBVLO letters on them?

5) I know of 5 different designs of group medals, awarded to teams who complete the march with less than 10% dropouts. I have listed them below. Please can you tell me the year range that each of these medals were issued, and whether any other designs were issued?
Queen Wilhelmina,
Queen Julianna (facing right),
Queen Julianna NBvLO (facing left),
Queen Julianna KNBLO (facing left)
The current design

6) Originally the number cijfers that were attached to the medal ribbons were just bronze or silver numbers with no background. The cijfers for 25 upwards had leaves round the outside but holes between the numbers and the leaves. They were attached to the medal ribbon by pushing wire "legs" through the ribbon and then bending the wire flat (see vierdaagse2.jpg). Please can you tell me what year these designs of cijfers were replaced by the current "solid" cijfers with coloured backgrounds and rigid pins and sprung clips to retain them in position? I have seen photographs of the old design of cijfers up to number 42. Was this the highest number ever issued of the old design of cijfer? if not, what was the highest number?

7) Early walking medals had a safety pin sewn to the top of the medal ribbon. I have also seen full size medals with no metal plate, just a special pin that goes all the way through the loop of ribbon, similar to the pins sold with the current miniature medals. Later designs had a bronze or silver plate with a pin attached to the back, and two rows of text "4 Daagse" & "Nijmegen". (see vierdaagse medal hangers.jpg) The current designs have bronze or silver plates with a pin attached to 
the back with one row of text "Vierdaagse Nijmegen" Please can you tell me what year the following designs of medal clip were first issued:-
The design with just a removable pin similar to the pins sold with the current miniature medals
The design with two rows of text
The current design with only one row of text was introduced? 

8) I have seen bronze & silver supporter's medals, which I understand were first introduced in 1965.
Is there a Gold supporter's medal? What do you have to do to qualify for the Silver (& Gold if there is 
one) medal(s)? Are there year cijfers for the Silver (& Gold if there is one) medal(s)? What is the highest number of cijfers issued for the Bronze supporter's medal? (I have seen the number 30.)

9) There seem to be two different designs of KNBLO medals with crowns (see picture vierdaagse4.jpg). The early designs have the crown manufactured separately to the cross, and then attached to the cross. Later designs are a one piece medal with the crown and cross stamped out of the same piece of metal. Please can you tell me the first year that all the medals with crowns were stamped out of the same piece of metal.

10) I know that very few year 60 medal have been issued. Can you tell me the total number of year 60 medals that have been issued?

11) I met Mr Bert Van Der Lans this year, walking for his 61st year medal. Amoungst the people who are still participating, does he hold the record for the highest number of walks completed? If not, can you tell me who does hold the record, and what number they were awarded after this year's vierdaagse. (I know that the record is 66, but that the record holder died about 3 years ago.) It used to be possible to access a list of all the people who had completed 40 or more vierdaagse on, but I can't find this information this year. Has it been removed? If so, please can you tell me the details of any other website where I could find equivalent information?

12) Can you give me the contact details of a company who can supply me with lengths of two different medal ribbons used on your medals (the "Standard" medal ribbon and the Supporters medal ribbon).
I am trying to make up a display board with a full set of all the different designs of medals etc. and I am trying to refurbish some of the older NBvLO medals with new ribbons. I also want a length of medal ribbon to attach all the cijfers to, that I can put all round the edge of the display.
Where I can't get the real medals etc. I will have to display full size photographs of the medal etc.

13) Do you know where I can purchase the walking KNBLO Nijmegen Vierdaagse medals & cijfers to make up a display board of all the full size medals, including the 40, 50 & 60 year medals? (The shop at the Start / Finish of the event will only sell miniature medals; and the organisers will only sell me the full size medals I have qualified for.) I have attached pictures of the type of display I want to make, based in pictures I have been sent of other collections. I can only assume that the high year medals & cijfers were purchased, since I imagine they are very hard to get from a walker.

I realise that I am asking some very detailed questions, that you may not be able to answer. If you can't answer all the questions, please can you answer as many as possible, and hopefully, tell me who I could contact to get the missing information.

Thanking you in advance for your help

Richard Courtney

(zoals reeds gemeld; Dhr Courtney is inmiddels in contact gebracht met de KNBLO)



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