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Hello, I have been researching my Grandfathers old records and have come across information regarding his war records.

My Grandfather was severely injured in Nijmegen in 1945 and was not expected to survive. He was taken in by a local family who nursed him before he was repatriated back to Great Britain, and to a hospital in Oxford.
I was very young when my grandfather died in 1992, and he was paralyzed on his left side for the rest of his life due to his war injuries. Because of this, I was never able to speak with him about his service but I know that he appreciated the family that cared for him, and would have loved to have returned one day.
In that spirit, I would love to find out more about his experience, and the experience of the family.

In the above mentioned records, I found the following address.

Mr and Mrs Schndern? (handwriting very hard to read)
"Kopschen Hof"
KollWeg 67

Within the records is a picture of the house and of a little girl who was the daughter of the family. The two ladies may also have been civilians he met during his time in Iceland (we are unsure) but the young girl, we believe is from Nijmegen and lived in the farmhouse were he was cared for.

My grandfather served as:

Private John (Jack) Forster
Army Number 7362467
The Royal Army Medical Corp

Apologies but I do not speak Dutch.
Any help or any advice you have to further my research would be most appreciated and thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards, Mark Peggs

Inzender: Mark Peggs, geplaatst 01-09-2021


Reactie 0:

Mark Pegg, 01-09-2021: Zoekplaatje Kopsche Hof
Reactie 1:

Henk Kersten, 01-09-2021: In de telefoongids van 1950 staat 25102 Schretlen, K.L.A.M. Holleweg 67. Da's een mooi aanknopingspunt voor verder onderzoek! Dit vond ik al:
De Gelderlander 12-03-1940
oorlogsdagboek van Egbert Schretlen
Gevelsteen Praetoriumstraat 16

Redactie: bij het RAN zijn de gedigitaliseerde oorlogsdagboeken van Egbert Schretlen in te zien.
Reactie 2:

Paul Broekman, 02-09-2021: een link naar oorlogsdagboeken/bevrijdingsboeken van 40-45 en bewoonster Trees Schretlen aan de Holleweg nummer 67.

Redactie: Dit dagboek bevindt zich in het Vrijheidsmuseum, online staat 18-24 september 1944.
Reactie 3:

Ton Leenders, 02-09-2021: Adresboek Nijmegen 1963 geeft E.D.A.M. Schretlen als kinderarts, wonende Vossenlaan 2.
Reactie 4:

Tommy Friedrichs, 01-02-2022: Hi Mark,
This is the place where my grandfathers family lived during the war. His name is Egbert Schretlen and he was a young physician at the time, so it very possible that he is the one that took care of your grandfather. I don't recognize the girls in the pictures unfortunately.
If you're interested in some more details feel free to contact me: tommy.friedrichs@gmail.com


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