View along the city walls with Ziekerpoort and Hertogpoort. It can clearly be seen that the gates are practically identical. In front of the walls, you can see the dry moats which surrounded the fortifications. In the period 1811-1815, there was still a lot of work being done on the fortifications, as can be read in the following article from the "Nijmeegsche Courant".

Tuesday 18 April 1815, nr. 31:
Nijmegen, 17 April. The work on our fortifications is pursued with every diligence. To speed up the work, it is said that more than a thousand workmen from surrounding villages have been summoned; one can daily see the gathering of a crowd of these workmen here. They are at work on building an abutment on the other side of the Waal near fort Knotsenburg.

The demolition of the Ziekerpoort. This was named after a nearby hospital, or lepers' house, just outside the gate and was first mentioned in 1450. Around 1700, when the walls were fortified by Menno van Coehoorn, the Ziekerpoort was bricked up. In 1811, the gate was opened again. This only lasted for a few years, because the gate was bricked up again in 1815. In the foreground of the photograph it can be seen that the bricks were scaled and heaped up for reuse.



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