St. Joosttoren

View along the St. Joosttoren and the Belvédère. Today, this is the site of the Hunner Park, where you can still get an accurate impression of the width and height of the city walls. The St. Joosttoren is part of the former St. Joost- or Ubbergse-poort from 1436, which was already bricked up around 1500. The gate used to protect the St. Jorisstraat from attacks on the town. The Belvédère was built around 1646 on the foundations of a former high fortification tower. The tower was mainly used as 'playhouse' for local dignitaries. The Belvédère is said to owe its name to the Duke of Parma, who admired the 'beautiful view' at this point, during a tour of inspection of the fortifications in 1585.



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