Hunnerpoort, also called Ooypoort. This gate was built between 1461 and 1466, and used to be a double gate. The photograph shows the Hunnerpoort after a reconstruction in 1825. The gatekeeper lived above the gate; next to the gate is a small wooden building where the customs officers used to sit. You had to pay taxes on articles that you wanted to 'import' into the town.

The inside of the Hunnerpoort. You can see the gatekeeper's family. On the left of the photograph the palisades can be seen, wooden sticks with sharp pointed ends to keep out the enemy. There is also a plaque with a maxim. The defender of the town is reminded that all his toil will be in vain if God himself does not guard the town in his fatherly goodness. The Hunnerpoort is the last city gate which disappeared in the dismantlement.



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