St. Anthonispoort

The St. Anthonispoort, one of the two city wall which still remain in Nijmegen. On August 10, 1589, Dutch troops under Maarten Schenck tried to enter and capture Nijmegen through this gate. After fighting near the St. Anthonispoort, resulting in a number of deaths, the Spanish garrison forced them into the Waal. Maarten Schenck drowned in the Waal because of the weight of his armour. His corpse was dragged from the Waal, and yet beheaded, drawn and quartered. His head was mounted on a stake and the four parts of his body were hung from the city gates with heavy chains. After the capture of the city two years later, his remains were buried in the St. Stevens Church by order of Prince Maurits. A memorial tablet was put on the St. Anthonispoort to commemorate this failed attack.



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